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Context plays an important role in the work of UArchitects, alongside concepts such as culture & identity, organization, meaning and memory, and texture. It thus makes a very idiosyncratic contribution to the architectural debate. At UA, context refers to the relationship between the objects that people can see, feel, smell and judge. It is therefore directly connected to the way in which people experience a context. UA lets this experience play a direct role in the design. In this way UA gives context overtones that differ strongly from the way in which the concept was interpreted in the 1960s and 70s.

Harm Tilman, Head editor of the magazine: De Architect, The Netherlands


Our architecture creates connections with the local culture. In our vision, global architecture only works if it has the ability to adapt, in regards to the typology, shape or the materials used in the local context. In the current global era we strongly believe that architecture should start with the research of the local identity in relation to the global society.

Identity and living

For us, identity and living relates to the balance between the inner structure of a building and the outer skin. Between being and looking. A building is like a person with a character and a face. Searching for the identity of people is helpful in the design process of buildings, as well as looking for the balance between inside and outside.


By observing people, asking fundamental questions and analyzing changes in society, we gain a better grip on the possible future use of proposed buildings. We are interested in the way that people make use of their buildings today, though we have a greater fascination for the flexible use of buildings in the future.


Most buildings are difficult to adapt to new functions which can change over a period of time. It is often the case that buildings are unable to adapt easily to new situations.

An interesting design theme can be solved if we create a building which is designed for one function now and which could be used for a different function in the future. We undertake research which analyses how we can react to new changes to the use of buildings, which occur daily, monthly and yearly.


Texture creates the connection with the physical reality. This is our method in understanding and interpreting the site and context. We connect the projects within their culture and identity.Inspiration of the surrounding; landscape, light, sound, climate and cultural conditions, are the elements which we use to make texture in our projects.