School de Brug, Bocholt, Belgium

Green Learning
A school building is not just a collection of bricks, neither is it a simple backdrop to what is happening inside. It plays an important role in the learning process.
Just like the home you grew up in, memories of your school will stay with you forever.
It is a place that leaves an indelible impression on you, and forms a stepping stone to your future. A bridge to the wider community…

A successful building is, in our opinion, a succession of layers; a building whose design incorporates as many layers and dimensions as possible. Context, history, educational content, indoor climate, flexibility, safety, environment and sustainability all play important roles.

The current school is situated in a beautiful green location on the edge of the centre of Bocholt in Belgium. The current accommodation, which consists of outdated pavilions, gives the school a disjointed, fragmented character.
The position of the new building has been chosen to minimize costs associated with the move and ensure that the building makes a good impression from the street. One of the basic principles is that as many pavilions with classrooms will be maintained during construction. The school will continue to function normally and will move in one operation when the new building has been completed. Sustainability also plays a major role in the positioning of the new building.

Besides the phasing, there have been a number of decisive factors in determining the implantation of the new building on the site:
Since the rear part of the school grounds, the current football pitch, is being transferred to the local authority, green areas will be limited. It is important that the remaining green areas are treated carefully.

In order to preserve the green character of the school, green areas on the smaller grounds should be given a more prominent role and their perception should be enhanced. The new building plays a central role in this, and could contribute to an increased perception of greenery, instead of a reduction. Another important element is the aspect of the school facing the Brugstraat. A school plays a central role in a community and should also be a significant part of the urban landscape. In this sense, the building is placed as close as possible to the street.