IKC de Geluksvogel, Maastricht, Netherlands

This a unique sustainable and digital school in the Netherlands.

Two existing schools in two neighboring locations in Maastricht are merging into a new school on a new location in that city. This particular location was chosen to strengthen the weak social structure of the two neighborhoods and to introduce a new digital education system to learn also more about the environment, nature and sustainability. Even the playground outside has different zones to help children (re)discover nature and explore their world by means of experiments or to build and test objects.

The educational system and lessons are completely digital and are connected to the sports facilities and activities. The sports activities of the children can therefore be incorporated into the digital learning program. The green and environmental aspect are also part of the school program. The building fits its surroundings like a pavilion in a green area. The school is located at the head of a green development area, which extends into the country. This green environmental development area is called Landgoederenzone.

The green gardens in the playground and the special green roof terrace have another quality than the ground floor. Green architecture is incorporated in the interior of the building through the sustainable use of materials, plants and vegetables. Here the children can have lessons in the open air when the weather allows it. Nature and (digital) education go hand in hand, supported by the latest digital learning program. The children and teachers who are part of this program and school are really lucky to be part of this beautifully bright green and healthy educational vision.