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Uden Housing, Netherlands

Project:  housing, landscape and sustainable design

De Haagen is a sustainable urban design for 61 housing on the border of the community of Uden. Sustainability implies that the urban design is integrated harmoniously to the landscape (nature, ecology, culture and history). The paved area is decreased to the minimum, the logistic of the site is improved and people can live in a green environment.

From the central square people have an access to five yards with dwellings which are surrounded by green hedges.The view is magnificent: the greenery gradually enters courtyards, so people can experience a park zone in the residential area and live in the heart of it. This idea is inspired by old farms and the neighborhood landscapes of Uden.

Sustainability is determined not only by the longer life expectancy, simple building orientation and design, but also by the social aspects of living in De Haagen.


The housing has clear chosen material use with a green roof . With the materialisation is chosen for moderate material for each living block . Main part is prefabricated wooden facades . By this way of building technology is a sustainable way of building and the waste is minimal. This is mainly done in the philosophy of Cradle to Cradle and to enhance a better and healthy way of living for the people. At the facades is used panels against the sun and the colours are mainly earth colours.

Landscape and district structur

Sustainability means more than to invent a structure in which harmony is with existing quality of landscape, nature, ecology and culture.  The existing structures are connect and made better. By this we mean the connection of this district with the neighbourhood, the school, the green courts which are connected . The existing road structure is respected and much space is reserved for green and water

The future inhabitants have the pleasant feeling that the life in green park with much space around . This is achieved by the structure of the new plan and the planning of the landscape and the connection to this plan.