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Tampere art center, Finland

Tampere art Museum area, Finland

One of the main aim of the competition was to create a new quality urban environment. For this reason there was chosen to build a concentrated building, so the urban fabric is densified, while at the same time open public spaces and the greenery is maintained. Besides, the green spaces, that has to be taken for the new construction is compensated by creating a new green public space on top of the roof. The roof terraces also create a possibility to enjoy the spectacular views of the city in between the lakes, surrounded by the nature.

The major priority, regarding the historical and urban value of the Pyynikintori square, was to keep it as it was before, making only slight changes to enrich existing functions and to make the square more live. The other goal was to create a new quality public space next to the Tampere art Museum. So the Museum Park was created. This place has rather different atmosphere than Pyynikintori square, it is cosier, closed by the buildings and more isolated from the busy Pirkankatu Street. The new building stands in between these two squares and separates them so there is a new urban organism created, which gives the current location the unique character.

The new building in between these two squares has not only the separation function, but is also a link in between them. In the middle of the building there is an atrium, where public functions are located. This closed public space is essential for city of Tampere, where winters are cold. Furthermore, this big atrium makes a visual connection between Pyynikintori and Museum Park, this way the Museum Park remains closed, but at the same time there is an intrigue to see what is behind the atrium, so people are naturally guided towards the Museum. This new urban structure offers a new overall solution to this part of the city.