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House in the forest

House in Forest 2017

More and more people in the world are becoming aware of the problems of our planet such as the climate change, earth exploitation and the destruction of the ecosystem. The proposal for The House in Forest 2017 competition is an attempt to give a solution to those problems by creating not only a sophisticated design element, but also the new way of living in harmony with nature.

As an inspiration we take the ‘Glass House’ by Philip Johnson. He said: ‘I have very expensive wallpaper’. The house in the forest aims at being a more advanced version than its predecessor, where the contemporary technology is integrated in the living space. At the same time the module system works like a spaceship so that is possible to move the house to any location. The adjustable leveling system allows to place the house on any terrain without any permanent foundation so that it can be moved easily at any time. No walls, only the floor and the roof form a shelter where a person can feel safe and be provided with all modern life while enjoying the surrounding nature.

The new module system consists of eight different modules, which are designed to be assembled according to individual needs. There are unlimited possibilities to create your own house. Starting from the one-module combination for those who strive for an ascetic lifestyle, the modules can be combined together choosing different functions. Having more modules allows different plan configurations which can be adapted to the site.

The House in Forest is not just a new design that creates a pleasant environment for staying in the forest, but also it is a complex system that provides all the facilities that are familiar to a modern human life. Moreover, this proposal is an attempt to create a new way of living in harmony with nature, respecting the ecosystem of our planet.